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CRM - Information centre

Welcome to the CRM learning centre by Live CRM. We do believe that Clients' relationships are a strategic element to make your company successful in business. Our target is to provide you with all the relevant information to help you adjust your company's strategic thinking on your Customers' base.

How can I use a CRM system?

Customer Relationship Management can be used to effectively collaborate on all customer needs.  Each party within the organization can input their own information, creating a centralized network for all customer communication and data to be used for sales, marketing, product fulfillment, measure forecasts and improved customer retention.

CRM Hosting is required to host MS Dynamics CRM 2011 across your organization.  With reliable CRM hosting, your organization’s employees and members will be in constant contact with the needs of your customers.

How do I get CRM Hosting?

Live CRM provides Microsoft Dynamics CRM Solutions for businesses of all sizes – from small businesses to Enterprise CRM hosting.  Fpweb.net will host, support, and manage your CRM solution for you, saving you as much as 60% on IT expenses.  No need to buy expensive equipment or software licenses to get started.  As an expert Microsoft Gold Certified provider for complex CRM hosting needs, we take care of everything for you.

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What is SaaS?
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